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Early cricket in Luxembourg

The first cricket match in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg took place in 1973, with the first club (the Optimists Cricket Club) formed in 1976. After 15 years of playing friendly matches with international and local teams, the Optimists was a founding member of the Belgian Cricket Federation league in 1991. It has since won that competition on three occasions.

The Federation

The Luxembourg Cricket Federation (LCF) was formed in 1994 to represent the sport in the Grand Duchy with national and international organisations. We became an Affiliate Member of the ICC in 1998, we are affiliated to COSL, the national sports and Olympic committee, and we have regular contacts with representatives of the Luxembourg government and civil service.

International competition

Following the easing of eligibility criteria in 2003, a Luxembourg team participated each of the ICC’s European international tournaments, most recently the 2012 ICC European Division 2 Championships in Corfu. We are currently working to achieve the new qualification criteria, and in the meantime we organise unofficial competitions with other national sides.

Domestic competitions

We have organised a domestic outdoor league since 1999, with an indoor tournament held every winter since 2004.

Women's cricket

The Maidens CC was one of the founder clubs of the LCF. Though essentially playing friendly matches with other local and international, they have also played in the LCF league.

Development programme

Training for juniors (aged 4 to 18) has been undertaken throughout the year since the mid 2000s. This features an intensive Summer Academy. We have our own pool of level 1 and 2 coaches to run the programme and the Academy is managed by a level 3 coach from the UK. Providing competitive age group matches is a priority, and we travel around the region to offer this throughout the year. We also have procedures for integrating young players into adult cricket.

Umpiring and scoring

We have an on-going programme to train and support umpires and scorers for all the cricket played by Luxembourg teams