club history

The Star Cricket Club was founded by a group of like-minded friends who wanted to play and promote Cricket in Luxembourg.  The team participates competitively in the local Luxembourg Cricket Federation league and many of its members regularly also play in the Belgium Cricket Federation league.

The essence and fun of playing Cricket is not limited to the spring and summer season, but there are 2 teams participating in the indoor league running during Autumn and Winter months.

The club is open to any new player looking to play under a competitive outfit and the club continues to insist on its philosophy that first and foremost cricket should be fun.

Although each player comes with a strong will to win and play to a good standard, humour and banter on the pitch is positively encouraged.

Star CC has their own facebook group.

Star CC are also winners of the LCF 2018 League tournament

Star CC Winners of the LCF Indoor League 2015-16

Star CC Winners of the LCF Indoor League 2015-16

contact Details

  • Sati Raju (Chairman) - Tel: 621 309 148

  • Salai Sekaran (Captain) - Tel: 691 577 648

  • Murali Ravichandran (Vice-Captain) - Tel: 621 705 561

  • Roshan Vishwanathan (Finance) - Tel: 661 108 118

  • Niraj Trivedi (Match-Manager & Secretary) - Tel: 691 367 211

  • E-mail to club: